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Street photography of a Tattoo palour above clothes store on Istikial Street Istanbul Tired hawker resting outside his shop  Istikial Caddesi street Istanbul Turkish woman posing for her portrait in Goreme Cappadocia Turkey Street photography elderly Greek woman Athens Greece posing for her portrait Turkish woman Goreme Cappadocia Turkey feeding her animals Turkish men working Goreme Cappadocia Turkey Foot bath stalls  outside of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque Blue Mosque Istanbul Turkey Meditating man ouside the Ahmed Mosque Blue Mosque Istanbul Turkey Muslim man pray Holy Quran in the Sultan Ahmed Mosque Blue Mosque Istanbul Young man carrying the ceremonial knife kris which has magic powers cremation ceremony Bali Indonesia High Priestess cleansing a body with Holy Water during a cremation ceremony in Bali, Indonesia. Hastening their dead friend’s soul to oneness with god during the cremation ceremony in Bali, Indonesia The sandalwood effigy wrapped in a cloth and decorated is part of the ngaben ritual in Bali, Indonesa. Fires ignited by a blessed torch and the element ‘fire’ ritual is the last sacrifice in the cremation celebration. Family onlookers witness the fire ritual to sacrifice the body during a ngaben in Bali, Indonesia ortrait of a community worker attending a ngaben cremation - Bali, Indonesia The nyekah soul is returned to suarga-neraka, just as the body’s elements have been returned to the bhuana agung. Craftman taking a break on his rocking chair. Black and white portrait of two sisters posing for their photograph in Bali, Indonesia. Street photography Balinese girl riding her bike. Three young men posing for their portrait at the Jai Chai Vegetarian Festival in Phuket Town. Muay Thai boxing is a popular martial art in Phuket, Thailand. Street photography at a market in Vienna where  an artwork portrait painting of a child crying was for sale. Studio portrait of graffiti artist Phil Jones a.k.a. suspect. Graffiti artist on Nieuwendijk, Amsterdam, working on a new mural. Man walking briskly by a graffiti wall in Athens, Greece. Musician playing his guitar for a studio portrait. Street portrait of an anonymous hawker in Athens, Greece. Portrait of an elderly man resting outside a market in Vienna, Austria. An art director posing for a portrait. Portrait artwork beside a bicycle parking rack in Berlin, Germany. Punk rocker with a mohawk partying at a concert. Ladyboy on Bangla Road, Patong, Phuket, Thailand. Biker couple enjoying the Americarna Festival, New Plymouth, New Zealand.